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Remote Webmaster Services

Your website is the Electronic Storefront for your business. It needs to present itself professionally on all devices, be easy to navigate and produce the results you want.

There are three major components to this

Biggest Mistake to Make

Design your website, attach the best keywords you can and then just publish it without paying attention to it on a regular basis.

If you don’t know how you are ranking and how people are interacting with your website so have no idea of how effective your website is.

You or someone on your staff needs to pay attention to this on a regular basis. If you understand what to do then you can do this yourself.

If you, or someone on your staff has the time to do this you can do it yourself.

Services I Offer To Help You Do This.

Remote Webmaster Service

I become your remote webmaster.  I will work with you or someone your staff to implement and maintain your website and marketing plan. 

Marketing Plan

Assist you in setting up a Marketing Plan specific to your business.  I will coach you on what needs to be done and what tools you can use to accomplish a successful plan

Once a month you will get a report and a list of recommended actions to take The next month you get a new report on your ranking and specifically what was done in the previous thirty days according to the last list of recommendations. The new report will outline specific actions that could be taken to further improve the ranking results. 

Weekly Meetings to review the actions taken and what is next.

As a monthly Remote Webmaster subscriber, I will consistently review and upgrade your website, review the on-site keyword status, investigate the keywords your competition uses and monitor your marketing habits all with the focus to get you more business.

What we need to do will be determined by your actual results and what your competition is doing. You have unlimited access to me via the online project system, telephone, text and online meetings.
As A Web Master

Tools I Use



We use live online meetings for video conferencing and website review and training.



This report will tell you how you are ranking for your target keywords on Search Engines 


Keyword Research

Gives data on how often a keyword is searched online and how much competition there is for those keywords.


Video Marketing Blaster

Gives top 10 results for any keyword and indicates which keywords were used on those top ten results


Visitor Analysis

This tool will give you daily reports of how many people visited your website and how they viewed it


Content Management

These tools assist with Syndicating your content.  Blog posts give you the opportunity to target keywords

Citations – Consistent Directory Listings


Backlinks are pages or information on the Internet that has a Link back to your website. The more backlinks you have the more credibility your site has with Google. Over time you want to create many backlinks to your website.


One way to start is with Citations.  Citations are listings in the hundreds of online directories on the internet.  Google looks to see if your NAP (Name, Address & Phone Number) are consistent throughout all the directories, plus each one is a type of backlink to your website.  This tool gives you one platform to login and manage your data which then will be reflected on hundreds of online directories.

Our Presence Engine Accelerates Online to Offline Visibility

Drive greater results than ever before

Our award winning Local Presence Management hub helps ensure the accuracy and visibility of your business’ location information on top search engines, directories, apps and social networks. It has the power to connect businesses with consumers at the nationally local and hyper local levels. Our use of our combined analytics and local search technology makes location management and optimization easier and smarter than ever before.

On Site Plugins

These Are the best tools Available in market for your website

  • 24/7 Unlimited Expert Support 
  • Powerful On-Page & Sitewide SEO analysis 
  • The best Word Press Forms Plugin
  • Rock Solid Security plus Hack Cleanup 
  • Regular Site Backups 
  • Speed Improvements 
  • ADA Disability Compliance Plugin 

These series of plugins are included with the Remote Webmaster Service. I can answer most questions but also have 24 hour a day access to experts to research and answer any questions or specific needs you have about your website. 


These plugins provide malware security protection, site backups, speed improvements, SEO keywords analysis and how to improve it on each page plus compliance with the ADA (American Disabilities Act) to make sure your site is compliant.


Remote Webmaster

What is Cost ?

The fee for my remote webmaster services is custom quoted to the services requested.

The smallest packages start at $37 a month and then up to $700 a month depending on how much help you need.

There are no additional hourly rates and your rate will be determined by work you want me to do and how much you will do yourself.

Some of my clients want to learn to do it themselves or train someone on their staff to do it.

Others are just too busy to take the time and simply want to supervise someone else to do it for them.

Just talk to me and see if what I do would be a good fit for you. No pressure, no hassels and we’ll have a few good laughs along the way!

There are no long term contracts and it is always month to month. You can adjust your plan up or down as your needs change.

How to Get Started?

Contact me for a free online Zoom consultation.  I will listen to you to find out what your specific needs are and develop a custom package to fit your unique needs.


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