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Remote Web Design / SEO Tutoring

Remote learn web design / tutoring Private tutoring to learn web design and SEO optimization skills. Or, start you own web development services company. Live one on one remote meetings. Custom plans negotiated depending on your skills & goals

One On One

I offer one on one tutoring or Online classes to teach you how to use the software you select. You get to see it in action and to ask specific questions when you meet an obstacle or other challenge.

Website Design 

SEO Fundamentals 

ON Page Seo

OFF Page Seo

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Consistent Maintenance 

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Learn Web Design 

In the early days of the telephone all calls were made through an operator. Now we never need to call an operator, we do it ourselves.
The Internet is the newest communication tool and every company will eventually manage their own websites and online marketing plan.
I can help you pick the right tools and show you how to use them.
Get in front of this.
Online Tutoring


I will teach and coach you, or someone on your staff, on how to create and manage your own website and SEO Optimization

  • I teach you the software and you do all the design

  • I create the initial design and then teach you how to edit it yourself

Custom Web Design

I teach CUSTOM WEBSITE DESIGN. That means that each page is designed specifically for your business. This BRANDS you as unique. While you can use canned templates from many low cost websites, that is not what I am offering.

My Web Design is a step above the “Plug-n-Play” Template sites but it is also well within the financial reach of many small to medium sized businesses

One-to-One Tutoring

I offer one on one tutoring or Online classes to teach you how to use the software you select. You get to see it in action and to ask specific questions when you meet an obstacle or other challenge.
This tutoring is especially useful for my website design clients because I give you the template that you can then totally control while having access to me for any questions or other concerns

Webinar Zoom Classes

This tutoring also includes an education about basic on page SEO factors that are essential to search engine rankings.
And, I offer an advanced class if you want to learn how to start and manage your own website design service.
The best way to see if this is a good fit for you is to schedule a private one on one Webinar. During this Webinar, you will see the software in action and get to ask any questions that you have

Darold Turock has been developing and marketing websites for over 10 years.  In 2008 he was faced with his own personal lockdown when he could not go out because he was providing 24/7 nursing care to his parents. 

He needed to find something that he could do from home and over the next 12 years has developed a unique and practical approach to web design and online marketing.

He focuses on custom fitting websites and marketing plans to the individual needs of his clients and has developed an online system to mange his services and serve his clients in a way that is almost more personal than in person.

He knows that you are the expert in your business and focuses on education while always deferring to the better judgement of the one who is actually running the business.

His commitment is on making it a pleasant and affordable learning experience.



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Your company is unique and your website is the central communication hub for your business. It is the first impression that people get of your company. It should brand you to your satisfaction and it needs to feel right to you.

There are many free and low cost tools to design your own website. For many people, this might be the best option. The company will give you some templates to choose from and then you can enter your own information. This can happen very fast and, if you choose this route, then you need to be sure that people are finding your site and be sure that you are getting new business from it. If that’s happening, then your good to go.

People need to FIND your business online. You must do the proper keyword research and be sure those words are clearly indicated in the right place and in the right format on your website.

Once your site is live you need to manage an on-going online marketing plan and be sure to keep current content on your website.

Set Your Goals

Everything starts with an idea.

Mix that with definiteness of purpose and persistence and you can do anything.

Call for a free consultation or check out the Remote Webmaster Service. 

I look forward to meeting you!


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